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Does Drake Circus hire mobility equipment? Can I hire a wheelchair? Are there any mobility scooters at Drake Circus?


Yes. Our Shopmobility facility is open 7 days a week and is located on Car Park Level 2. Wheelchairs are available for hire to use in the shopping centre and there are some scooters that are available to hire to people with a valid Shopmobility Membership Card. For more information, please call Drake Circus’s Shopmobility Shop on 01752 221530.

For a wider selection of equipment, you can come to Access Plymouth, a local mobility charity. Set close to Drake Circus, you can register for its scheme and then use scooters and wheelchairs both in the mall and around the Plymouth shopping area.

The first time you use the powered equipment you will need to book a short test to make sure that we have the correct equipment for you and that we are happy to let you use it. This test MUST be pre booked.

Joining the Shopmobility scheme costs £13.00 per year (or £5 for a 3 week holiday membership) and then £6 per day to hire.

For full details please see the website or call Access Plymouth directly on 01752 600633.